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I'm a consultant, specializing in SharePoint, with expertise in platform infrastructure (on-prem and hybrid), information architecture, search, end user adoption, UX, knowledge management, compliance, and governance.

I've been  working as a consultant for over 10 years, recently working directly for Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) for over 5.5 years. I have end-to-end (Envision, Plan, Build, and Deploy) project experience in a number of sectors, including Financial, Energy Market Research, Federal Government, and Manufacturing.

I have been well known in the SharePoint community, having been a SharePoint MVP for many years, and written two books on SharePoint Designer. I have served as a subject matter expert and/or speaker at a number of events, including TechEd, SharePoint Saturday, and SharePoint Conferences.
I spent a year on the SharePoint Technical Product Management team, where I wrote and/or guided several whitepapers on SharePoint enterprise search and licensing.

I'm an ENFP/Champion, or True colors Blue primary, Green secondary. This means (in short) that I'm people focused, idea minded, and a great advocate for a cause. The long version has entire books dedicated to it. :)

Please note, this blog is my personal space. Unless otherwise specified, all opinions expressed are my own, and do not reflect the views of Microsoft Corporation.